What is the cost of storage racks?
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    Frequently Asked Questions:

    The sooner the better. It would be reasonable to consider the storage racks already in the planning phase of the facility. Once you have identified the equipment that will be used in the warehouse, you can determine the required working aisle. It’s reasonable to think from the inside out when building a warehouse. The walls should be built only after establishing the storage rack layout.

    Planning is free. We trust in the good quality and price of our products. Our experiences have shown that customers who have received our offer have generally also accepted it. Submit a price request and find out what our custom solution would cost for you.

    Laomeister will carry out even the smallest projects with its own forces. If our own resources are not enough, we will include a certified business partner who installs storage racks for other recognised sellers of warehouse equipment in Estonia.

    A warehouse plays an important role in every company – the faster the assembly and delivery of goods, the quicker the payment. This, in turn, will translate into success for the company. Goods and volumes are in constant changing, meaning that the original warehouse layout might not facilitate the fast servicing of customers. Laomeister recommends preventing such a situation. Invite us to your warehouse, we will assess the situation and make new drawings in order to assess if additional space could be created by replacement or relocation of storage racks. In most cases this is possible.

    Balti Laomeister has connections with producers in Lithuania, Sweden, Germany and China. Our list of suppliers includes 30 companies but we are also establishing new contacts for the purpose of extending our product range.