Baltic Laomeister OÜ

Who are we?

Baltic Warehouse Master is one of the largest suppliers and installers of warehouse rollers in Estonia. Our aim is to be a partner to the customer – to give the best advice, identify needs and make a warehouse that best solves the problem.

Our work is made by tailors. No two warehouses are the same – in terms of customer needs, capabilities, space and purpose. We aim to go one step further and offer high quality custom solutions, not just sell standard sized storage bins.

The Baltic Storage range consists of shelving, modular, cantilever and media shelving, metal cabinets, partitions, lattice walls and shelving accessories. These products are used to make special solutions for warehouses. The services offered by Baltic Warehouse Master include installation, pre-assembly of shelving in your warehouse, consultancy, advice, warehouse removals, disposal of old shelving, maintenance and repairs. Baltic Warehouse Master offers a complete solution!

Mission and vision

Our mission is to provide our customers with the best warehouse equipment solutions. We involve warehouse workers, packers and the people who will actually use the warehouse in the planning and understand most clearly what the best solution is.

Our vision is to be in the top three of storage service providers – the top three! We like a challenge. We work to find the best way to combine customer needs with stock management and thereby become the best stockists.

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We will make a quotation for warehouse fitting right now!

<strong>COMPLETE SOLUTIONS</strong>

Our work starts with identifying the customer’s problem, then creating the best solution and continuing with after-sales service.


We can quote within one day, we are always available and we can install stock quickly.


We offer distinctive and specific solutions without the need to seek permission and advice from anyone else.


We make sure that our shelves are always stocked with spare parts. That way, we’ll always keep your warehouse tidy.


We offer our customers peace of mind – the shelves we install are of optimum load-bearing capacity, quality and safety. We give you peace of mind and a good night’s sleep!

<strong>CUSTOMER FOCUS</strong>

Our first goal is to understand what the customer is doing. We use the knowledge and skills we have built up over 14 years to create the best solutions.


We furnish warehouses to order. We understand the purpose of the warehouse. To get the most out of your storage space, we will make several drawings if necessary to find the best option.

<strong>LONG EXPERIENCE</strong>

Our long experience in warehouse furnishing guarantees the best solutions for any size of project.

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