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Balti Laomeister is one of the largest storage rack suppliers and installers in Estonia. Our aim is to work side-by-side with our customers and to advise them, to figure out their needs and to create a storage solution that solves the problem in a best possible way. Our storage racks are custom made. No warehouse is identical – neither by the customer’s needs, layout, possibilities nor the purpose. Our aim is to go the extra mile and provide high-quality custom solutions instead of just standard-sized storage racks.

The product selection of Balti Laomeister includes different pallet racks, module and console racks, medium racks, metal cabinets, ceilings, grid walls and rack accessories. Our services include installation, preassembly, consultation, warehouse removal services, disposal of old storage racks, maintenance and repairs. Balti Laomeister delivers a complete solution!

Mission and Vision

Our mission is to provide the best warehouse fit out solutions. In our planning process, we include warehouse workers, packers and people who will actually be using the warehouse and therefore understand which solution will work the best.

Our vision is to belong to the elite of warehouse service providers – the top three! We enjoy challenges. We work towards finding the best balance between the customer’s wishes and efficient warehouse interior and through that becoming one of the most valued warehouse fitters.

We will make you an offer in 48 hours!


Our work begins with determining the customer’s needs, followed by putting together the best solution and, in the future, providing after-sale services.


We will put together a price offer in one day, will always be available and will install the storage racks quickly and efficiently.


We provide specific solutions that stand out, without having to ask permission from or consulting external sources.


We will assure the availability of spare parts for your storage racks. So that your warehouse will always be perfectly functional.


We provide assurance to our customers – the installed racks will meet the highest quality and safety requirements and have an optimal loading capacity. Our customers can enjoy safety and peace of mind!


Our primary objective is to understand what the customer does. For providing the best solutions, we apply our know-how and expertise accumulated over the 14 years.


Your warehouse will be fitted out as a custom solution. We will make sure to understand its purpose. If required, we will make different drawings of the storage area, in order to maximize its potential and come up with the best solution.


Our long-term experience with fitting out warehouses assures the best solutions for projects of any size and difficulty.

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