1. Scope and validity of the Terms
    1.1. The Terms and Conditions apply to the legal relations between the subscribers of the Balti Laomeister OÜ shopping environment www.laomeister.com (hereinafter referred to as the Subscriber) and the Balti Laomeister OÜ shopping environment www.laomeister.com (hereinafter referred to as Laomeister.com) on the purchase of products via www.laomeister.com.
    1.2. In addition to these terms and conditions, legal relations arising from the purchase of products through Laomeister.com are governed by the laws of the Republic of Estonia.
    1.3. Baltic Laomeister OÜ is entitled to amend and supplement these terms and conditions and the price list due to the development of Laomeister.com and in the interest of better and safer use of the shopping environment. Changes and amendments to the terms and conditions and the price list will be communicated via the shopping environment Laomeister.com. Amendments and supplements to the Terms and Conditions and the Price List shall enter into force upon publication of the amendment or supplement in the Laomeister.com shopping environment. If the Subscriber has submitted his/her order before the entry into force of the amendments to the Terms, the legal relationship between the Subscriber and Laomeister.com shall be governed by the terms and conditions in force at the time the Subscriber submitted his/her order, unless otherwise provided by law or these Terms.
  2. Prices
    2.1. The prices on Laomeister.com are subject to 20% VAT.
    2.2 If the Customer has requested delivery of the goods, the transport price of the purchased products will be added, which will be agreed separately.
    2.3 If installation is requested, a quotation for installation will be provided in accordance with the specific order.
  1. Payment for products
    3.1. The sales contract for the Products shall be deemed to be concluded (the Contract shall enter into force) upon receipt of the amount due after the order confirmation to the bank account of Balti Laomeister OÜ.
    3.2. Products can be paid for by bank transfer on the basis of an invoice sent to the Subscriber’s e-mail.
    3.3. The Subscriber’s order and invoice will be cancelled if the purchase amount is not received within 5 days.
    3.4. In the event of price fluctuations by the manufacturer, Laomeister.com reserves the right to adjust prices if necessary. In addition, Laomeister.com reserves the right to make changes and corrections to the specifications and conditions of sale of the products without prior notice.
  1. Delivery and handover of products
    4.1. After the Contract has entered into force in accordance with clause 3.1 of the Terms, the Products shall be dispatched from the Laomeister.com warehouse (Suur-Sõjamäe 13) or delivered to the Customer at a time agreed in advance by the Customer via the contact telephone number or e-mail communicated when placing the order.
    4.2. Products are dispatched from stock or delivered within 2-5 days. The deadline is calculated from the date of receipt of the invoice.
    4.3. In the event that the timely delivery of the Products is not possible due to circumstances for which Laomeister.com is not responsible, we will notify the Customer by the contact telephone number or e-mail address provided by the Customer when placing the order within two working days of the entry into force of the Agreement in accordance with clause 3.1 of the Terms. and we will also inform you of the delivery date of the product ordered by the Customer. In the event that the Subscriber loses interest in purchasing the product due to a longer delivery time, the Subscriber has the right to cancel his/her order and the amount paid by the Subscriber (including the cost of transport) will be refunded.
    4.4. Please make sure that the contact details you provide when placing your order are correct to avoid delays and misunderstandings in the delivery of the products. Laomeister.com shall not be liable for any delay in the delivery of the products and for any misunderstandings that may arise if the delay or misunderstanding is due to the inaccuracy or incorrectness of the information provided by the Customer when placing the order.
    4.5. Upon receipt of the Products, we advise the Customer to immediately check the packaging and quantity of the Products and, in the event of complaints, to make a note to this effect on the delivery note. We kindly ask the Customer to report damaged packaging to info@laomeister.com or to Laomeister.com at 5081126.
    4.6. Laomeister.com reserves the right to cancel an order if a product is out of stock, out of assortment or due to a technical error in the shopping environment. Laomeister.com reserves the right to withdraw from a sale if there is an obvious technical or human error in the e-commerce system, which makes it impossible for the parties to reasonably expect the transaction to be completed or which Laomeister.com is unable to complete. In the event of cancellation, Laomeister.com will refund the prepaid amount within 14 days at the latest.
    4.7 In the event of non-payment of the invoice by the due date, the Customer shall pay Laomeister.com a late payment penalty of 0.5% of the outstanding amount for each calendar day of delay.
    4.8 Pursuant to § 88(8), (9) of the VõS, enforcement is first carried out to cover costs, then interest, interest on arrears, fines and penalties that have already become due, and finally the principal obligation.
    4.9 In the event of a complete default, the Creditor has the right to inform third parties of the arrears without prior notice, including through the default register. It may also involve the recovery of the entire debt through a third party, including a debt collection agency and/or a court.
    4.10 In the event of late payment of the debt, the claim, together with any ancillary claims, shall be assigned to a collection agency for collection.
    4.11 Title to the Goods shall pass to the Customer upon payment for the Goods and Laomeister.com shall have the right to reclaim all Goods ordered from the Customer until the price of the Goods has been paid in full.
    4.12 The time limit for filing a complaint is 7 days after delivery of the goods to the Customer.
  2. Return to
    5.1. The customer has the right to cancel an order placed on Laomeister.com within 14 days of receipt of the goods. In order to return the goods, you must submit a free-form declaration of withdrawal from the purchase of the goods and send it to the e-mail address info@laomeister.com no later than 14 days after receipt of the goods. Balti Laomeister OÜ will refund the cancelled order (within 14 days at the latest and the original delivery costs will be refunded). The right of withdrawal applies to standard products. Returns cannot be made for products made to special order at the request of the Customer, for project sales orders and for orders for large quantities (we recommend using the “Request a quote” option in such cases).
    5.2. The returned product must be unused, in its original packaging and complete. Before making a return, please contact Laomeister.com customer service to agree the details of the return. The return costs are paid by the buyer, unless the reason for the return is that the item to be returned does not correspond to what was ordered (e.g. the product is wrong or defective).
    5.3. If the right of withdrawal does not apply by law in the case of a legal person as the Customer, Laomeister.com shall also assume liability in the case of a legal person. If for any reason the goods you have ordered are not suitable, please contact us and we will find a suitable solution.
  3. Right of complaint and return of non-compliant products
    6.1. Laomeister.com shall be liable for any non-conformity or defect in the goods sold to the Buyer which existed at the time of delivery and which becomes apparent within a period of up to two years from the delivery of the goods to the Buyer. Within the first six months of the delivery of the goods to the Contracting Entity, it is presumed that the defect already existed at the time of delivery. It is the responsibility of Laomeister.com to rebut this presumption.
    6.2. In the event of a defect, the customer has the right to contact Laomeister.com within two months at the latest by sending an e-mail to info@laomeister.com or by calling 5081126.
    6.4. Laomeister.com shall be liable for non-conformities and defects in the Products which become apparent within two years of delivery of the Products to the Customer.
    6.5. Laomeister.com will respond to the Subscriber’s complaint in writing or in a format that can be reproduced in writing within 15 days.
    6.6. Laomeister.com is not responsible:
    1) Product deterioration/damage caused by the Customer;
    2) defects resulting from irregular use of the product;
    3) normal physical wear and tear of the product under normal use.
    6.7. If the Goods are returned to the Seller due to defects in the quality of the Goods, the Seller undertakes to fully refund to the Buyer the price paid for the non-quality Goods and to reimburse the costs of shipment and return. If only a part of the Goods is returned, the shipping cost will be refunded only if the remaining Goods in the same order, if purchased together, would have been subject to a lower shipping cost than the shipping cost if purchased together with the Goods to be returned, and only to the extent of the difference between the shipping costs. If a method of return other than the one offered by the Seller was chosen and disproportionate or very high costs have been incurred as a result, the Seller is not obliged to cover the costs of returning such goods.
    6.8. In addition to the rights under the warranty, the Customer also has other rights under the law.
  4. Installation conditions
    If the Subscriber also orders an installation service through Laomeister.com, the following conditions apply:
    7.1. The agreed installation area for the inventory must be empty at the time of arrival of the goods and must also allow free space for storage of goods. It is not the responsibility of the installers to clear the area of the Customer’s goods/trash. By preventing the start of the works, the installer has the right to charge a separate fee for the waiting hours*.
    7.2. If it is not possible to start the assembly work ordered at the agreed time, Laomeister.com must be informed in advance on the previous working day. Unannounced unladen journeys are chargeable according to the price list*.
    7.3. The client will provide all the drawings needed. In the absence of drawings or information required for the installation, the installation may be immediately interrupted to avoid further misunderstandings. If the information on the drawings was incomplete, installers have no obligation to redo work already done.
    7.4. It is the responsibility of the client to provide lighting and 220V power supply in the premises. If the work is to be carried out outdoors or in rooms with special temperatures (-1 or colder), Balti Laomeister OÜ must be informed in advance.
    7.5. It is the responsibility of the customer to inform installers of any pipes or cables within the wall or floor that are in danger of being damaged during drilling. There is also an obligation to inform installers of non-standard floor or wall slopes that will result in extra time for the work.

* Price list:

  • waiting time 30 € + km
  • additional work at the request of the client 30 € + km / h
  • empty journey 35 € + km (outside Tallinn, a mileage fee of 1 eur / km / one way will be added).