About Us

Balti Laomeister LLC is a warehouse-oriented company, which headquarter is located in Estonia. Our main field of activity is selling and installation of warehouse equipment. Our company deals as well with warehouse planning in order to store an optimal amount of goods on limited surfaces.

We sell pallet rackings and module shelves, drive-in shelves, mezzanine floors, dressing room lockers and metal furniture, different kinds of boxes and diverse warehouse and manufacturing equipment.

Balti Laomeister LLC’s business connections reach many suppliers all over the world. The majority of our goods comes from China, Germany and Sweden.
Wherever in Europe Your warehouse is located, we are always willing to work out the best solution, make the drawings, supply with the necessary equipment and install the all set.

Pallet rackings and drive-in shelves are imported from China. The delivery time is about 2 to 2,5 months, but there are always nearly 30 000 kg of standard shelf details stored in our warehouse for small and medium-size projects.
Chinese pallet rackings are certified, their uprights RAL 5015 (blue) and beams RAL 2004 (orange) are powder-painted. The prices are really good!

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